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"ClicknClear is delivering the power of officially licensed music to performance sports worldwide"

With the backing of music industry rightsholders, ClicknClear has created a one-stop online solution where you can easily license all the great original music you want with all the rights you need to use in your sports mix

"Licensing music couldn't be easier"

- Zero Deductions Productions





Search our database for the songs you want to use in your mix.

Listen to the songs to make sure it is exactly what you are looking for.

Purchase a license for the songs you have selected.

Mix the songs knowing you are 100% legally covered

New to music licensing?

Check out this short video for a brief overview on music licensing.

When using music in sports

you need the right to:


- Edit, adapt and combine every track you are using into a mix


- Put music to choreography


- Use your mix at home at training and in performances (the venue still also needs performing rights license as usual)


- Upload your routine video with the music, online.


Every track you use, including cover versions by unknown artists, must have licenses from i) each songwriter (publishing rights) and ii) the recording artist (master rights).


ClicknClear provide ALL these rights!


We bring you the best music by working directly with the music industry.

We currently have license agreements with around 100 rightsholders (including the ones shown here), with more rightsholders and more great music being added every week.


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