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About Us



ClicknClear is an award-winning music rights tech company delivering officially licensed music to choreographed sports athletes / teams and performing arts ensembles that use music in their routines worldwide.


We are the world's first company to solve the complex music licensing issues in these sports and are backed by music industry record labels and publishers to offer the biggest and best selection of music available for use by teams to event producers and federations.


Our unique suite of technologies support federations in tackling copyright infringement in their sport whilst increasing engagement and participation, whilst protecting both the users of music and its creators.


We are music industry licensing professionals.  

We believe artists deserve to be compensated for their creations.

We are also performance sport athletes, coaches and judges. 

We want the sports we love to thrive through the use of popular music, and the use of unlicensed music threatens that. 

We want awesome, affordable, 100% legal music for everyone with all of the rights needed to support each sports ecosystem.



With the backing of music industry rightsholders, we have created a one-stop online marketplace where you can easily license all the great original music you want with the all the rights you need to use in your sports mix, to accompany your routines.

Every track on our platform comes direct from the music industry, ready to license and download instantly - available for use by either the teams / performer(s) themselves or music producers who assist in the mixing / editing process.

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​Licenses are priced between $10 - $25 per track, per mix and have a duration of one year.

(except that any videos uploaded can socials will follow their rules and may be able to stay uploaded indefinitely).

We warrant to you that we have all the rights to license each track in this way, and we indemnify you against costs associated with our breach of that warranty, for your total peace of mind.

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