Additional Rights

If you are running a performance sport competition, and wish to use that content elsewhere, a license will be required.

There are a few different rights that might apply depending on the use case.

Please see below a breakdown of each of the potential additional rights you may need in order to make the content of your competition available elsewhere.

Please note that all of these rights require the Performer(s)/Teams to have the Standard Rights in place before competition. Find out more information about the Standard Rights required by Performer(s)/Teams here and information about how we can help you with the reporting process of the additional rights.


If you wish to sell DVDs of your event or other memorabilia including the music mix, you require a license.

We offer licenses for DVD use covering both non-revenue and revenue-generating DVD uses.


Rates vary depending on the number of copies you'd like to make but start from $125 for up to 250 copies.

Live Streaming

If you wish to live stream your event online including the music mix, or run a virtual competition, you require a license.

We offer licenses for live streaming covering all available territories in which the music can be licensed in. You can license this right for either non-revenue or revenue-generating live streams.

Rates vary depending on the length of license and territory. Non-revenue uses start from a minimum of $75 whereas revenue-generating uses are priced as a percentage of revenue generated.

Video on Demand

If you wish to make videos available, including the music, of routines on your video-on-demand service or your website for users to watch later, you require a license.

We offer licenses for video on-demand use where the music is part of the routine. These licenses cover both non-revenue and revenue-generating uses.


Rates vary depending on a number of factors. Non-revenue uses start from a minimum of $1,000 whereas revenue-generating uses are priced as a percentage of revenue generated.


If your competition is being broadcasted on TV, in most cases around the world, your local collecting society will be able to issue a license.

There are some countries where broadcasted content needs to be cleared on an individual basis. Where that is the case, we are able to help obtain the licenses on your behalf.

For more information about these rights and to purchase a license, please contact

International Cheer Union
Approved Music Vendor
USA Cheer 
Approved Music Vendor
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