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Rights Required For Performance Sports

Performance Sports are sports where music is intrinsic to the routine or performance such as:

Cheerleading     DanceSport     Gymnastics     Figure Skating     Synchronised Swimming     Jump Rope      and more.

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Music licensing is complicated and there is often misleading information about what rights are required for performance sports teams to make a mix of music to accompany their routine.


In this section you’ll find everything you need to know about the rights required for performance sports and how to license them.

The Rights Explained

The Rights Explained

There are different parties that require different rights for different things.


1) the Team/Music Producer making the mix/music

2) the Team/Individual performing to the mix/music

3) the Event Producer running the competition

The rights required are outlined here:

You can learn more about Copyright here

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Traditional Licensing

Traditional Licensing


Traditionally you needed to research who owns the rights, contact each label and publisher and then negotiate with them, but that:

  • isn’t scalable from the music industry’s point of view because they are set up to do big deals for music in adverts, films and more;

  • is a complex process for teams who are inexperienced in intellectual property licensing

  • Will be time consuming and expensive when most teams are on a quick turnaround with a limited budget.



















This can be even more complicated if a song has many writers on the work.

Let's take a look at Travis Scott 'Sicko Mode':












As you can see, here we have the recording artist who performs the song, which in this case is Travis Scott, and then the songwriters - the people who write the lyrics and melodies. In this example there are 30 writers, some of whom own less than 1%(**) of the music! - its the most extreme case we’ve found so far, but the AVERAGE hit song now has 9 writers, each who need to give permission before you license their song.


Each writer will probably be represented by a different music publisher, and that could also be different in different countries, which can also change over time.


In order to license any of the rights previously mentioned, then you need permission from every single one of these writers, PLUS the record label representing the recording artist and would need to contact and negotiate with each and every one of them.

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The Licensing Solution

The Licensing Solution

ClicknClear deliver officially licensed music to performance sports worldwide.

We work directly with music industry record labels and publishers to clear the rights performance sports teams need for the music they love from the original artists, so they can license that music instantly, through our platform.

We’re a team of performance sports athletes, coaches, music licensing professionals and software developers who are passionate about both music AND sport - we want to see both flourish, and we have the expertise to make it happen.


We work with hundreds of record labels and publishers from around the world to offer the biggest and best catalogue of music with all of the rights needed from teams creating their mix, to event producers running competitions, and releasing video content online.

Our rights are from both the recording artists and songwriters, and are pre-approved so you get them with a ‘click’ of a button. We’ve already negotiated affordable prices on your behalf and we guarantee that they are legal to use.

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