Federations / Event Producers



We support you with music guidelines and educational resources to promote music copyright licensing.



Our tools help you verify music licenses and report usage, from a single competition to worldwide sports.



We offer live streaming, video-on-demand, and other music licenses to help you share your sport and events online.

Music industry content drives participation, reach and engagement but actually licensing it is very challenging and many do not understand the implications of using unlicensed music.

There have been lawsuits already suffered by some, and we do not want this to continue so ClicknClear has created a global solution delivering officially licensed music to performance sports, through a unique suite of technologies.





But sports need music to accompany their routines and they need a bundle of specialist rights which include:


As a Federation or Event Producer running a competition, you may need Live Streaming, Video on Demand or DVD rights which are challenging to obtain especially as you often do not know which songs are being used by the teams in their mix.

We work with International and National Sport Federations as well as Event Producers to eliminate legal risk and help increase athlete participation and engagement in the sport through licensing the music rights for online use.

Cheer, Marching Band, DanceSport, Artistic Swimming, Gymnastics, Jump Rope, Figure Skating, Dressage and more can all benefit from our service.


We assist in the creation of music rules / guidelines and education which are tailored to your sport and your country's local copyright laws.


Unfortunately 'not knowing' is not a valid excuse in court so we focus heavily on ensuring your members have the information they need to be on the right side of the law.


Performers/Teams are driven to license music instantly on our Licensing Platform where they can license all of the rights they need to create their mix.


Our standard licenses are only $10, $15 or $25 per track, per mix, for 1 years' use and include legal indemnity. These rights are typically paid for by the Performers/Teams and create the foundation for federations and event producers to license the additional rights needed to promote your sport online.


We provide you with access to our License Verification System to track, manage and verify licenses from competitors.

This tool eliminates legal risk and enables reporting (via cue sheets - required by collecting societies) and licensing of additional rights (live streaming, video on-demand etc).

This tool can also manage your event scheduling and music playback so everything runs smoothly on the day without delay.

Find out more about the additional rights you might need and how to license them.

Learn more about music copyright.

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