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Maximise Your Routine’s Online Reach!

You’ve been training hard for competition, and you want to raise awareness of your team and gym. It’s easy in this online, social media, live streaming world, right? You can post videos of your routine on social media, livestream yourself at competition, and promote online...But have you ever wondered why Varsity TV, FloCheer and other online providers mute their routines?

The problem is actually in the music - to get live streaming, Video on Demand (archive / catchup), and broadcast rights to the music in routines, all the music used has to be ‘properly’ licensed in the first place and also requires the likes of Varsity TV and FloCheer to get additional licenses to the music used in the mixes they are streaming.

‘Properly’ licensing music means that ALL rightsholders, the performing artists and all songwriters, need to have given their permission to edit and adapt the music and perform a sports routine to the adapted music . Copycat cover music seeks to get around the issue of performing artists copyright by having an unknown singer mimic the original hit performance - but this both ignores the songwriters completely, and the closer to the original hit performance the cover is, the more vulnerable it is to record label lawsuits for plagiarism. So cover music is not a solution to the music problem.

So if any tracks in the mix aren’t licensed from the original performers AND songwriters, those same rightsholders certainly are not going to let Varsity TV, FloSports or any other providers share the routines online, live stream, VoD or broadcast routines with the mix.

And that’s why most cheer music is currently muted online.

Fortunately this is where ClicknClear comes in, at two levels.

Firstly, every track available from our site features the original artists and comes directly from the music industry. We guarantee that we have the proper licenses in place from both the performing artists AND all the songwriters.

Not only that, we offer a license for you to post your routines online with the music (IF all the songs you use are licensed from our site) on a non-commercial basis. So you can immediately start sharing your routine in all its up-tempo glory (provided you are allowed to film at the competition you attend!)

It gets even better, because we have other rights too - not for licensing to teams, but for licensing to event producers, governing bodies, media companies and broadcasters. When a team uses a mix that uses all ClicknClear tracks, we can then license the livestream, VoD and sync rights for broadcast to the tracks! This means that when your mix uses properly licensed music from ClicknClear, these other licenses become possible and, we can finally share with the world how amazing our sport is and say goodbye to watching silent cheerleading videos!

So, if you want to get the most out of your routine online, including going all the way and having the possibility of your routine livestreamed, VoD’d and even broadcasted on TV, make sure you choose your music from ClicknClear. We are the only USA Cheer preferred music licensing platform and the only ICU preferred music provider.

Are you competing at IASF, USASF, ICU or The Summit? Enter our draw to win music licensing sponsorship for your team competing at any of these competitions.

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