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Zulu Gremlin talks the future of breakdancing and the importance of music in the sport

From teaching hip hop classes in the 1980s, to Broadway, to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to choreographing and performing with the likes of Justin Bieber, Steve “Zulu Gremlin” Roybal’s renowned career in hip hop spans nearly four decades.

Cementing himself as both an expert of hip hop and urban culture and breakdancing pioneer, Zulu Gremlin has been trusted by numerous major brands and record labels to expand the reach and awareness of American urban culture, educating the world about the history of the B-boy through music production and dance.

Zulu Gremlin has choreographed and been featured in the Step Up franchise, performed on “Dancing With The Stars” and is currently a World Battle coordinator and Head Judge for Hip-Hop International World Championships.

We had the opportunity to talk to Steve about the cultural significance of hip hop and b-boys, how music is used in both breakdancing competitions and battle, and the future of breakdancing as a sport, which will make its Olympic debut in Paris in 2024.

Check out the full interview to learn about the importance of music to the evolution of hip hop culture and the equally important role of music licensing, how b-boys train for battles and competitions, and the competitive nature of breakdancing as a sport.

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