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Case Study : J.Lew Choreography Cheer Mixes and Online Sync Rights

We are delighted to be working with Jonathan Lewis of J.Lew Choreography! Jonathan is a very accomplished dancer-choreographer who has won numerous national and world titles with some of the most prestigious programs in the cheer and dance industry, in a career spanning more than 20 years. He is now finding new and creative ways to service teams from afar by offering online choreography teaching videos:


Need dances? Need a sideline? Well…new times, new normal, new material! Choose from over 25 different pieces of choreography & purchase your virtual instruction…at the drop of a hat!


Jonathan was instantly able to license the cheer music mix rights AND the commercial music sync rights for his videos through us. Quick and easy licensing like this is possible because ClicknClear has the backing of more than 400 music industry record labels and publishers. We are pre-approved to license our large and rapidly growing catalogue of great tracks by real artists with the full end-to-end set of specialist music rights needed by all parts of the cheer community - all the way from individual cheer music mixes to sync for online / broadcast of competitions. We've put together a playlist of the songs chosen by J.Lew for his videos - they are all available for you to license too!

Hear the Playlist

If you would like to find out more about clearing commercial sync rights for your ClicknClear licensed cheer mixes, get in touch via

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