ClicknClear is the International Cheer Union’s first ever Approved Music Vendor

ClicknClear, the provider of fully licensed music industry tracks for cheerleading mixes, has taken an important step forward by becoming the first ever Approved Music Vendor of the International Cheer Union.

ClicknClear is the only music vendor offering the specific rights needed for cheer (including editing/adaptation, choreography and video upload to social media), from both writers and recording artists, to commercially released tracks direct from the music industry for your mixes. Prices are $15 or $25 per track per mix per year, depending on the artist.

They already work with around 100 music rightsholders including BMG, Universal Music Publishing and Warner Music, and offer a rapidly expanding music catalog with many more exciting deals and artists in the pipeline.

Chantal Epp, ClicknClear Founder and CEO said:

Gaining official recognition from the ICU is an important milestone for us. We are music licensing professionals who also are passionate, active cheerleading athletes and coaches. Our goal is to make sure that the sport we love has easy access to the great music everyone loves with all the rights needed, while properly remunerating the talented writers and artists who create it.”

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