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'Bring It On' Choreographer J.Lew shares his tips for your cheer and dance routines!

Jonathan Lewis, a dancer-choroegrapher who began his 20+ year career as a camp/head instructor, has worked in various other roles within the performance sport industry as a master instructor, judge, and choreographer for the Varsity Spirit brands NCA and NDA.

He's also branched out and worked in the Film and TV industry, using his choreography expertise for various projects including the Bring It On movie franchise, and now has a successful choreography business in all-star cheerleading and dance.

Jonathan has won numerous national and world titles with his teams, plus choreography awards with some of the most prestigious programs in the industry from around the world.

We interviewed Jonathan to get some great tools and tips to help your choreography this season - and don't forget to check Jonathan out on !

In our in-depth interview below, amongst other things you'll learn how he:

  • Finds inspiration

  • Plans a routine, including the stages and important points to consider in each stage

  • Uses music, and the impact it has on judges and the audience

  • Communicates ideas and discusses them with a team

Watch the full video here:

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