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‘In This Together’ - ClicknClear’s role in the International Cheer Union’s new Theme Song

The International Cheer Union (ICU) Opening Ceremony is one of the highlights for those who attend the annual World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, and everyone who attended this year’s event heard the debut of the new ICU theme song ‘In This Together’. In fact, there’s every chance you were singing along to it with thousands of others in the Arena!

When the ICU told us they wanted their very own theme song, we jumped at the chance to help make it happen. We liaised closely with the ICU, including Founder and President, Jeff Webb, and work began on the brief for, and then production of, a bespoke track that would perfectly compliment an event which celebrates unity, sportsmanship and respect.

The ICU is the world governing body of cheerleading. It brings together over 100 countries and millions of young athletes, empowering its international cheer family members with a unified voice that supports the growth of cheer. It is also the focal point for cheerleading’s membership of the Olympic sporting family. It was important for the track to evoke these positive themes as well as conveying the sporting inspiration, leadership qualities, athleticism and competitive spirit needed to become a champion.

With a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve, we used our extensive music industry contacts to put some potential producer choices to the ICU. Ultimately, we all agreed that the very talented Sarah DeCourcy was the right person for the job!

Sarah has worked with Kylie Minougue, Little Mix and Armin Van Buuren to name just a few, and her original delivery showed that pedigree. The brief was for a male vocalist but we all felt we should include some female vocals, to help build the track with layers and harmonies, so Sarah asked her pal India Carney to do the honours - you may have heard of India as a finalist on NBC’s ‘The Voice’- with that, plus a few other tweaks, the track was done!

It was an amazing feeling to watch thousands of athletes, coaches and officials from over 70 countries, immediately start dancing and singing along to the inspiring and uplifting anthem ‘In This Together’.

Founder & CEO of ClicknClear, Chantal Epp:

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jeff and the ICU team on this project. The feedback from the ICU and the audience has been incredible."

ICU President and Founder Jeff Webb:

“We asked Sarah to create us a big, uplifting track with lyrics athletes could connect with and remember. That moment on stage during the opening ceremony is one they will never forget and I thank Sarah, Chantal and the ClicknClear team for helping us create a custom track that accomplished the feeling we envisioned.”

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Sarah deCourcy:




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