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LVS Major Update

We have released a major functionality update for our License Verification System (LVS).


A significant new type of event called a 'Season' is now available within LVS. LVS is event based - an event is ‘created’ in the system, then participants are invited to it by sharing a link. A Season is a special type of long-term (e.g. 1 year) 'event' that does NOT have a specific venue.

This dramatically increases the coverage available from LVS:

  • The music license verification process is undertaken right at the start of the season during the period when music is being chosen by all participants in a sport, rather than being limited to those participants who enter specific competitions throughout the year.

  • All general non-competition uses of the music by participants in the season (such as homecoming, game day, etc.) are therefore now covered by the system.

This expands the ability of LVS to help sports administrators manage the music licenses used in their area of responsibility to ensure they meet their needs, whether that is international, national, regional, state, district, or school.

Delivering maximum protection against copyright infringement.

It is then even easier to verify music at specific competitions / events held during the Season.

Participants can choose to use their existing music and its associated verification results from the Season (which are quickly automatically re-checked e.g. for dates) for the competition/event.

If participants want to use different music at a competition / event, they can do that, too - verification on their new music will be run when they accept the invitation and upload their new music information.


LVS now supports marching band, show choir, and other instrumental and vocal ensembles.

No recordings are uploaded for ensemble Seasons and Events, but music licenses are automatically checked by LVS, significantly decreasing the workload for administrators.

Other than this, LVS works exactly the same way for ensembles as it does for choreographed sports using recorded music, offering both Seasons and specific Events to help administrators to manage and understand the rights that participants are licensing as quickly, easily, and comprehensively as possible.


LVS is now integrated within the main ClicknClear website and all partner subdomains to make it as easy as possible to access.

'My Events' and 'My Seasons' now appear towards the right of the menu strip once you are logged into your account.

And as you will also notice from the rightmost menu item on the above image, full online help is now available within LVS!

Help is context sensitive depending on whether the account is for administration or a participant.


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