Preparing For Worlds

Can you believe there is less than a month to go until Worlds? As previous World’s competitors, we are often asked for advice on how to prepare for the competition, so we’ve put together a few things you need to keep in mind during the lead-up to your big trip to Orlando this April.

1) Get enough sleep

Getting plenty of sleep is essential, especially around competition time when you are putting your body through such rigorous exercise. Make sure when you turn off all phones, ipads, and other digital devices at least one hour before you go to sleep and keep your bedroom as dark and as quiet as possible. For those travelling from afar, and having to adapt to a new time zone, jet lag can be a problem. You need to adjust your body clock to your new (Florida) time zone, so try to stay awake during the day and sleep when it’s night time (in Florida that is!). You can start preparing for this time zone change a few days before you leave.

2) Eat well

What you eat will have a huge impact on your performance so it’s crucial to get it right. Start with a good breakfast, then eat a balanced diet of carbs, proteins and vegetables throughout the rest of the day. As a general rule, have a third of each of your plate. What time you actually eat your meals is important too, so aim to eat around 2 hours before you train or compete to allow proper digestion. Also, remember to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

3) Stay injury free

As tempting as it can be in the run-up to a big competition such as Worlds, try not to over train. By doing so you are exhausting your body, putting strain on your joints and potentially causing injury. Instead of repeatedly practicing your tumbles and stunts, instead focus on things such as form, timings and performance. Remember to properly warm up before any exercise and cool down afterwards to allow your body to adjust.

4) Relax

It’s only natural to feel stressed in the lead-up to Worlds. So, if you start to stress out during training, take yourself off to a quiet place, take deep, slow breaths and mentally run through your routine. Do it as often as you need until you feel reassured and confident that you are going to nail it!

5) Think positive

Remember, it’s a seriously big honour to compete at Worlds. Be proud of your accomplishments and have belief in your ability. Optimism is a proven stress reliever, so try to eliminate any negative thoughts from your mind and focus only on the positive. By doing so, you will stay more focused and ultimately you will perform better, allowing your sass and confidence to shine through! Always remember what an amazing opportunity you’ve been given!

6) Support your teammates and your coaches

You’re all in this together. You’re a family. You have all dedicated so much of your lives to be at Worlds this year, so remember to trust each other, believe in one another and have total belief that you can do it!

Good luck to everyone competing at Worlds. The ClicknClear team will be watching and cheering y’all on!

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