Worlds Packing Checklist

If, like us, you are super busy with, well, life, then preparing for your trip can seem daunting, so we’ve put together a packing essentials checklist of everything you will need for your Worlds experience:

Clean cheer shoes, uniform, and bow/s

Team t-shirts

Practice wear

Extra socks, underwear, sports bras

Comfortable shoes for Disney


Toiletries - hairspray, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, makeup, makeup wipes, hair ties, bobby pins, sunscreen, deodorant etc.

Chargers - phone, iPod, tablet etc.

Batteries for your camera

Laptop and charger


Band aids and blister pads

Any personal medication

Athletic tape or braces - wrist, ankle etc.

Water bottle

Something healthy to snack on - raisins, bananas, granola bars etc.

Poms (if required)

Your team’s itinerary

A good book for the journey

A neck pillow for the journey

Swimming costume for any pool parties

Rain jacket for the unpredictable weather

Your music (of course!)

Check out the blogs Preparing for Worlds and Top Cheer Travel Tips, packed with invaluable advice from former World’s competitors.

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